Mike Vrabel Eager to Establish the ‘Titans way’

mike vrabel

New Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel took ownership of the job in his introductory press conference on Monday at St. Thomas Sports Park.

Vrabel, who was hired by the Titans on Saturday, said in his initial press conference that despite his lack of experience as a head coach he understands the great responsibility that will be on him in the role.

Vrabel, who served one season as the Houston Texans defensive coordinator, was asked if he would call the defense himself, rather than pass that chore to a coordinator, indicated that he plans to have a major hand in all aspects of the team’s game plan and play calling.

“I’m the head coach, I can call whatever play I want, right? That’s the idea. We’re going to have a (defensive) coordinator, we’re going to have an offensive coordinator, we’re going to have a special team coordinator,” Vrabel said. “If I say I want to block a punt, we’re going to go block a punt. If I want to throw a shot, we’re going to throw a shot. That’s what goes with sitting in that seat, and you’ve got to answer those questions.

“If you want to blitz and they score a touchdown like we did in the Super Bowl (vs. the Giants) and lost the game. We were in New England and we blitzed and they completed it and (we) lost the game. Somebody’s got to stand up, it’s what you do. Here’s what you do, here’s my job: is going to be to accept responsibility, give credit and be decisive. That’s what I’m going to do, and that’s what I told Amy (Adams Strunk) and Jon (Robinson) that that’s what I’m going to do.”

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