Spring Hill held a public meeting to inform residents about the upcoming widening of Duplex Road on Tuesday night.

Representatives from the county, the city and TDOT, which is underwriting the project, were there.

In 2008 the city of Spring Hill asked TDOT to widen the road, putting up $11 million for right-of-way and design work, said Joe Deering, project developer for TDOT Region 3.

CDM Engineering made the designs, which will widen the road for the 3.2 miles from Main Street to I-65. The project, which will cost $28 million, will widen it from two lanes with no shoulder to three lanes, with a center turn lane, and add on the east side a bike-and-pedestrian path and on the west side a five-foot sidewalk. They are aiming for a completion date of April 30, 2020.

The road, which gets about 19,000 vehicles per day, according to Deering, will also have five intersections and traffic lights improved, and the road’s windiness will be straightened.

The new intersections will be: Main Street, Miles Johnson Parkway, Commonwealth Drive,  Port Royal Road, and Buckner Lane.

One of the bigger parts of the project is the replacement of the bridge of McCutchen Creek, before Miles Johnson Parkway. Because of this, around January 2018, Duplex Road will be detoured around the creek.