Meet the Makers of the Sheryl Crow Quilt Project

City Farmhouse

The City Farmhouse Pop-up Show in June is just around the corner. Newly added to this year’s show was a contest where artisans entered for the opportunity to repurpose three of Sheryl Crow’s quilts. City Farmhouse received over 300 submissions for this maker’s position.

On the City Farmhouse blog, they introduce us to the three artists who will be working with Crow’s beautiful quilts.

Meet Darrell Ezekiel of Scraps of Memory, Laura Locke of Turning Leaf Crafts, and Robelyn Bray of Redneck Chic.

Where are You From?

Darrell Ezekiel: Birmingham, AL

Laura Locke: Covington, TN

Robelyn Bray: Crawford, TX

What Made You Decide To Enter The Contest?

Darrell: I follow City Farmhouse and am a big antique fan. As an artist who has been using vintage quilts in my work for years, this was a perfect fit for me.

Laura: I’ve known Kim and David for a long time so when I heard about this I thought it’d be a great match since we do a lot of upholstery.

Robelyn: I saw it on Kim’s Instagram — I’ve known that crazy nut-ball for years and love to support her!

What Experience Do You Have With Quilt Repurposing?

Darrell: About 10 years ago, I moved home to be with my mother after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. After looking through her closets, I found quilts stacked from floor to ceiling that had belonged to my mother, grandmother, great grandmother and so-forth. Many were “make-do” pieces with an aged patina that had been sewn together but I still saw the beauty to each one. I couldn’t bear to toss them so I decided to give the quilts new life by repurposing them into pieces of wall art — and I’ve been doing it ever since.

Laura: My husband and I have a business called Turning Leaf Crafts where our business model is based on refurbishing and repurposing. I love using cutter quilts for upholstery because they have a little wear and tear, which makes it easier for me to cut them up to fit each piece. I like that there’s a history behind each one and they’ve already been loved by somebody else.

Robelyn: I make handbags out of recycled items like shirts, pants, skirts, quilts, etc. for my business Redneck Chic, and quilts are especially fun to work with because they stir up memories. When most people see a quilt they can relate because they’ve had experiences that usually make them think of their grandmother or their mother — they all have a story to tell.


 What Will You Create For the Project?

Darrell: Definitely a piece of wall art, but the jury is still out on what the imagery will be. You can expect to see lots of dimensional layering though, like many of the pieces I create for my business, Scraps of Memory.

Laura: I’m going to reupholster an antique settee — the piece has intricate details and a great patina on the wood so I’m excited to see it paired with Sheryl’s quilt.

Robelyn: I’m creating an entire bag collection including an overnighter, a tote, a purse and three cosmetic bags. The holes in the quilts will be patched with random pieces and colors of leather to modernize the look of them.

Each of the artisan’s project will be available to purchase. And if this sale is anything like the last one,these items will not last long. If you want a first look,make plans to attend the Preview Party on Friday, June 17 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., where ticket holders will get to sip ‘n shop the show while listening to a live performance from the Jordan Carter Band at The Factory in Franklin.  Complimentary wine, beer and snacks will be served. Get tickets to the preview party on the website.

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