Anna and Santiago Tefel are the owners of the locally owned Studio Novo Nashville on White Bridge Road and Studio Novo Cool Springs on Carothers Parkway.

Fitness has always been a central component for both Anna and Santi. They’ve been athletes all their lives, and played at the collegiate level. Anna’s sport was soccer and Santi’s, tennis.    Anna-Santi

After both graduating from Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama, they each pursued non-fitness related careers. Santi went into banking, and is a Private Banker at Avenue Bank in Nashville. Anna entered into the world of development and event planning, spending 6 years in the development world for non-profits, and while she was doing meaningful work, her passion for fitness and personal training was hard to ignore.

“I began to learn about the Lagree Fitness™ Method and just couldn’t get enough,” Anna said. After learning how effective and safe the method was, Santi and I had to try out a class for ourselves in Atlanta.

“After one class, we were overwhelmed by the intensity of the workout and how sore we were.” The main thing that drew them to this method and kept them coming back was the fact that it is a SAFE workout while also being extremely INTENSE. To Anna, it was the best of both worlds….cardio, core, strength, endurance, balance… all in one 50 minute workout!

After experiencing the method and attending more classes, they were convinced that Nashville and Franklin were ready for this method.

The first studio opened in West Nashville in August of 2013 and they recently opened their second location in the Cool Springs/Franklin in August 2014.

Come check it out! To learn more, you can visit First Class is FREE! Studio Novo Cool Springs is located at 9040 Carothers Parkway, Suite 103B, Franklin, or call 615-236-9167.


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