Recently Adam Bowman from Brentwood received a $50,000 check for taking third place in the Intel Science Talent Search. This 17 year old senior at Montgomery Bell Academy (MBA) successfully designed and built a compact, inexpensive, low-energy pulsed plasma device in his garage to be used for research in small labs or even high schools.

Montgomery Bell Academy Head Master Brad Gioia is proud of Adam and all the school’s students. He explained to us how the academy supports science and learning. “We have some incredible teachers and students who have made our math and science departments exceptional. We have also invested significant funding in all of our academic areas.  Both the math and science departments spend $40,000 annually each on sending our strongest students to programs around the country. This investment has paid great dividends for those academic disciplines. Since 2003 we have won the state Mathcounts championship 8 times and in the past five years we have won the state science Olympiad 4 times.”

MBA just completed a new innovation center to support technological learning and sends students to conference in the U.S. and Singapore. Supporting a brighter future is paramount to MBA as Gioia explains, “I believe the balance in the school, particularly by emphasizing why and how students should be multitalented and interested, distinguishes MBA.  It is not uncommon to see a star athlete in the jazz band or a national science Olympiad winner as a distinguished artist.”

Adam Bowman is a fine example of what a great program and inner drive can accomplish for a young mind. Currently Adam is sorting through colleges to find the right fit for his needs and talents. “I am looking for the whole college experience,” said Adam when we asked if he had made a decision. Princeton and MIT are just two of the schools he has visited so far and the list is long. Good Luck Adam!