Meet Dr. Cathleen Coyne at Coyne Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center

Meet Dr. Cathleen Coyne at Coyne Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center

We recently sat down with Dr. Cathleen Coyne of Coyne Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center to discuss her practice, volunteer work, and more. Born and raised in Chicago, Dr. Coyne’s interest in dentistry began with regular trips to the dentist and orthodontist as a child. Under the mentorship of her family dentist, she committed to pursuing a career in oral surgery. She has been practicing in Cool Springs since 1997.

Get to know Dr. Coyne in this exclusive interview with Williamson Source.

Why Coyne Oral Surgery?

“The number one compliment that we get here is how compassionate we are toward our patients,” says Dr. Coyne. “Our patients choose us because of how we treat people at every stage of the process. When you call us on the phone, you actually hear a human voice – no voicemail or dial selections. We also spend a lot of time with patients to make sure all their questions are answered adequately.”

Personal connection isn’t the only thing that sets Coyne Oral Surgery apart! The practice recently added Bree, a beautiful chocolate labrador and certified office therapy dog, who is loved by many for calming even the most anxious patients.

“We are also known for seeing emergencies,” says Dr. Coyne. “We’ll always work a patient in. To me, it’s a part of the job. To say that I’m not going to treat a patient who will have to deal with discomfort for another day – just because they’re not on the schedule – isn’t right.”

Quality after-care is another characteristic of Coyne Oral Surgery that patients highly value. “We always follow up with patients and make sure they know the door is always open,” says Coyne. “We don’t nickel and dime patients either by charging extra for any follow-up visits. They’re free.”

What’s New In Oral Surgery?

“As the oral surgery business has changed, so has the way that I perform surgery,” says Dr. Coyne. “It’s important for patients to realize that the treatment they get here is done with the latest, state-of-the-art technology. But how we go about it has changed.

“For example, I routinely use a procedure known as PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) for bone grafting procedures because it helps the bone heal faster and takes better to the existing jawbone. As another example, implants now have a specialized coating on the actual implant surface that, once again, helps implants bind to bone better. Our anesthesia monitors are completely digitized now and are more advanced in that they maintain and sense the patient’s vitals at a much earlier rate than they used to.”

Staying on the leading-edge of science and technology has always been important to Dr. Coyne. While completing her internship and residency at Tufts University/Boston Medical Center, she was a leader among her peers, holding the distinction of Chief Resident in her final year of residency.

Better Care for Better Results

“I am fortunate enough to have been practicing 23 years now, and the best part of my job that I love more than anything is the actual surgery. I get so much satisfaction through surgery; it’s the way my brain is wired and how my hands work. I still enjoy every surgery I do.

“When I’m actually in surgery and able to use my skill, I know patients will feel better afterwards. Patients with a terrible infection or a horrible toothache are so grateful. It’s very rewarding.”

In addition to practicing, Dr. Coyne enjoys teaching students about oral surgery. She frequently speaks at dental study meetings throughout the Nashville area.

Time, Treasure & Talent

Volunteer work has always been a significant part of Dr. Coyne’s life. We asked her to share with us about the projects she’s currently involved with.

“I believe there are three ways you can do philanthropy – with your time, treasure, and talent. I try to use all of these,” says Dr. Coyne. “I volunteer at Interfaith Dental in Nashville. Interfaith is a clinic that serves people who can’t afford to have teeth removed, but need someone to do the work. I also go on annual mission trips to Jamaica where we remove between 1,000 and 1,500 teeth in four days. For the last seven years I’ve sat on the board of Williamson County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) for Children. Our mission at CASA is to be the voice and advocate for abused and neglected children and to place them in permanent, safe adoptive homes. I also volunteer at my church and boys’ school.”

Outside of work and volunteering, Dr. Coyne enjoys weekend hikes with her husband, three young sons, and their family dog. She also enjoys baking, playing piano, scrapbooking and perfecting her trivia knowledge!

Coyne Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center

For more information, visit or call (615) 771-0017.

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