jackson thomas

Last Thursday, Jackson Thomas’ world literally turned upside down.

Jackson, a recent high school graduate with a passion for photography, video, and travel was in a car accident traveling home from Colorado. The community is coming together to support Jackson and his family during this time with a special event at McCreary’s Irish Pub in downtown Franklin this weekend.

15% of all purchase on Friday, April 21, Saturday, April 22, and Sunday April 23rd, will go to the Thomas family to help pay for medical costs and other current needs. Patrons are also encouraged to make a donation.

Those who know Jackson are familiar with his love for travel and documenting his travels as he filled his Instagram and YouTube with images and short films of his adventures at home in Franklin, as well as his travels all over the world, touring Israel, living in Greece, exploring in Turkey. Jackson invited his viewers along as he jumped into oceans, walked railroad tracks, climbed rooftops, and rode foreign highways, often with his trademark left hand extended in a kind of surfer’s salute, thumb and pinkie finger extended beyond an infectious grin.

Last week, as Jackson and his friend, Mitchell, were traveling home after spending time in Colorado, a tire blew out on the van they were driving. The van swerved and rolled six times, landing upright.

Mitchell was unhurt and rushed to Jackson’s side, while a passersby called 911. A nurse heard the call on her emergency radio while going to work, and she turned around to go to the scene. She held Jackson’s head to apply pressure to a large laceration until paramedics arrived 45 minutes later.

A life flight transported Jackson to a hospital in Aurora, CO. Doctors treated Jackson for the head laceration (which now has 40 staples), brain trauma and bleeding, two mildly fractured ribs, a punctured lung, and some mildly fractured vertebrae. Doctors have not been able to assess as much about those injuries because Jackson cannot sit up or stand yet. Jackson also broke a bone in his arm by the elbow and brok four fingers on his left hand. Jackson suffered no internal injuries.

At the time, Jackson’s parents and four younger sisters were in Greece, working with a ministry called Servant Group International. They rushed to Colorado to be with Jackson. Doctors have told the family that Jackson is looking at a 2-3 week minimum stay in the hospital, which means that the Thomas family will be staying in Colorado for the time being.

A GoFundMe account was created and has raised over $26,000. Friends plastered Jackson’s story across social media and sent words of love and support to the family.

“All in all [Jackson’s injuries are] mild compared to what it could have been…More friends continue to support us through prayer, financial giving, showing up, having coffee delivered, providing snacks and emailing or messaging their encouragement,” said Jackson’s mom Gretchen.

McCreary’s Irish Pub is located at 414 W Main St, Franklin TN 37064.



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