McCreary’s Irish Pub to Open New Location in Columbia

photo by Donna Vissman
photo by Donna Vissman

McCreary’s Irish Pub has been a staple in downtown Franklin for many years, now they just announced they will expand to a second location in Columbia Tennessee.

In a social media post, the pub will open in the former Vanh Dy’s location in Columbia.

Stating, “Such is our path to take on a bigger life in the former home of Vanh Dy’s. It’s a bittersweet moment for us and the Sychantha family. Their reasons for retiring after the loss of their precious grandson are in some ways a lot like my own reasons for expanding. This past weekend my youngest son, Elliot celebrated his 4th year being cancer free from his fight against Retinoblastoma when he was just 2.5 years old. He lost his left eye to the rare disease and the road to recovery and healing from the trauma has not always been easy but worth it. Life finds a way and while I never had to know the pain of losing my son, the Cherry/Sychantha family and I share a common bond in learning how to heal and live with grief thats ever changing. Time creates distance but the pain is something life teaches you how to live with and carry on. So thats what we are doing. The Sychantha family wants more time with those they can still wrap their arms around every day and I grow to teach my kids that we always get back up when we fall.”

Even though Vanh Dy’s is closing, the pub has asked the staff to stay on as it transitions to McCreary’s. They shared, “A bittersweet but also an exciting chapter in all our lives. We are not 2 pub families but one. The entire Vanh Dy’s family has been invited to stay on with us and so don’t be surprised if you see some of them at our original location as they learn how we sass, slam beers and sling fish and chips like the Irish do. As things progress you’ll see some of the Franklin folk down south too. We’re a blended family and Ashley, Alex and I don’t know how we’ll make it all work we just know it will…and yes!! We are hiring for BOTH locations so hit us up via email or social media.”

They ended by saying, “Everyone love up on Vanh Dy’s as they enter their last few weeks and send them off into retirement with a bang and get ready for us to take over Muletown in 2023 the best way we know how…with a perfectly poured pint of Guinness.”
For the latest updates, visit McCreary’s Irish Pub on Facebook.


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