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If you have a room with an odd size or shape, a custom rug may be just the thing for you. And while the thoughts of ordering a custom rug sounds like an expensive item to add to your home, think again. McCalls can easily make you a custom rug to fit your room and your budget with so many options. Watch our video above to learn more. In the video, Carl also talks about what type of rug pad works best and its not the waffle pattern that you find in other stores. But if you are still trying to decide on size and how to place your rug in your room, keep reading for more tips.

Here are some guidelines from Lauren Conrad’s blog.

Living Room

In the living room, you want as much of the furniture to be on the rug as possible. This actually makes the room appear larger and defines an intimate conversation space all at the same time. Having all four legs of any couches and chairs on the rug is ideal. But if your couch is against the wall and you can’t see the back legs as well, you can usually get away with having only the front legs on the rug. When it comes to width,a good rule of thumb is to make sure the rug extends at least 6 inches of either side of the couch.

Dining Room

The dining room can be a tricky space to measure since you have to account for chairs being pulled in and out without catching on the rug. Sara from Lulu & Georgia says to first measure the table’s length and width, then add 54 inches to each measurement. This will allow at least 27 inches on each side for the chairs to pull out.


If you are buying one large rug to place underneath your bed, Sara recommends that the rug should extend at least 2-3 feet on either side of the bed. If that large of a rug is simply out of your price range, a good alternative is to opt for a traditional “bedside” layout. This features two small rugs on either side of the bed and one rug at the foot of the bed. For a guest room or kids’ room with two beds, consider placing one rug between them.


Many people forget about the hallways when they are decorating with rugs, but a runner is a beautiful way to make a statement in this often neglected space. Sara says to measure the hallway and then subtract 12 inches from the length and width. This will allow for a six-inch border all around. If you have an extra long hallway, using two runners laid end to end is perfectly acceptable.


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