There are a couple of rooms in the house that we all spend a majority of our time-kitchen and laundry room.






Especially if you  are a mom,you spend several times a day in the laundry room. As you spend your time making the family’s clothes nice and fresh,your laundry room itself might be in need of a little refresh. McCalls Carpet One gave us  5 ways to freshen up your laundry room.

Step Three: Consider installing upper cabinets above your washer and dryer so that you can tuck supplies out of sight. If that’s not in your budget, invest in some large, coordinating baskets and place them on any existing shelving or even on the floor. Arrange all the cleaning supplies inside and label the baskets accordingly.

Be sure to visit McCalls Carpet One  if you are in need of new carpet,hardwood or tile. McCalls Carpet in Franklin is located next to The Factory for all of your carpet needs.


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