Kenneth EatonI’m Kenneth Eaton and I’m running for Williamson County Mayor and I want to remind everyone that early voting starts Wed. April 11 and runs through April 26th.

Remember: you have a say in who our elected officials are, your vote counts!

Businessman’s perspective:

I look at this election as if this is a large corporation that is hiring a new CEO.

The new CEO should be a seasoned businessman who understands how to budget and build a business with the income sources that the business generates, And the new CEO will understand that the business has to operate within its means.

Just like your home; you can’t spend more than you make.

So what do you do when you spend too much? You cut back, you look at every aspect of your expenses and that’s what needs to happen in the county. We need to closely examine the budget and ask questions like “can I cut back?” And “Can we bid this out and save money versus the same person getting the contract every year?”

It’s all about budgets and knowing how and where to spend.

Politician’s Perspective:

The way I see it, our current county government is full of cronyism. Friends are given contracts without open bids and spending is out of control. The county is not living within its means.

The politicians in charge are not separating needs from wants. There seems to be the mentality that if we want something, it’s totally acceptable to spend money and raise taxes, without questioning if we need it.

The buck stops here. Literally.

So, yes, your vote counts! I’m asking you today to protect your company (i.e. your county) as a stockholder, and let’s fire the politicians and hire a seasoned businessman that understands how a budget works.

On day one, I will hit the ground running on living up to a mantra the politicians don’t seem to understand: “spend within your means.”

I’m Kenneth Eaton, a businessman and I’m applying for the job. I would appreciate your vote, to protect your future and the future of our children.

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