Mayor Rogers Anderson Issues Mask Mandate for Williamson County

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Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson has signed an Executive Order requiring citizens to wear masks or face coverings when in public places and social distancing is not possible. The order goes into effect at 11:59pm July 7 and expires at 11:59pm August 3.

Read the entire order here.

On July 3, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed an executive order granting county mayors in 89 counties the authority to issue local requirements that citizens wear face coverings.

“After much consideration and after consultation with each of the mayors of the various municipalities in Williamson County, as well as, the school superintendents for the two school districts within the county, Mayor Rogers Anderson finds that there is a consensus that wearing a cloth or other face covering should be required in certain circumstances in Williamson County. Mayor Anderson recognizes that there are many varying opinions on this issue but believes that asking Williamson Countians to wear a face covering in indoor public places and in outdoor public places where distancing is not possible is a necessary safety measure in order that our local businesses may remain open and our schools will be able to open in the fall. Allowing the current spike in cases to continue jeopardizes our businesses, government and court operations, schools and way of life;and this simple measure can help to protect our citizens during this unprecedented time,” states the order.

Citizens should read the order as there are exceptions to wearing a face covering. A few exceptions include anyone under the age of 12, any person with a medical issue that prevents the person from wearing a face mask, persons in a place of worship (unless face coverings are required by place of worship).

Read the entire order here.


  1. Support Mayor Anderson 100o/o Will vote for him AGAIN! Williamson Co. is the Best place to live in the State of Tennessee! And this Did not happen by accident or overnight! It takes Good People in a wonderful place in a Great State.!!! If we are fortunate enough that Mayor Anderson runs for another term I will proudly vote for and support him again!

  2. There is so much we don’t know about this virus and so many conflicting reports from “experts”, why not wear a mask? I would rather err on the side of caution than to unwittingly spread a disease to someone or get sick myself.

  3. The Mayor has no legal authority to order this mandate. The citizens have a right to vote on this issue. Or has this right been taken away?

    • Mask it or casket is how I see it. The only ones that has a problem with it is the same shelf centered a-holes that nothing but big snow flakes. Science is real not like your belief that somehow your rights are being violated. What a joke your rights being violated when you need to wear a mask to protect others however everyone knows no shoes no shirt no service.

  4. ABC just put out that masks give illusion that they are keeping us safe, And the Dr. say that the only ones that should be wearing a mask is the people that are sick. And that those of us that are healthy are NOT supposed to be wearing a mask because it is VERY unhealthy!!! Please lift this order from Williamson county!!!!!


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