Mayor Ken Moore Issues Statement Regarding Expiration of Mask Mandate

mayor ken moore

Effective 11:59 p.m. on February 27, 2021 Williamson County’s county-wide mask/facial covering mandate will expire. This decision was made by County Mayor Rogers Anderson under the Authority granted through Governor Lee’s Executive Order 77. In response, Franklin Mayor Dr. Ken Moore is issuing the following advisory statement to the citizens of Franklin and those visiting our city:

As Mayor of Franklin, my first priority is to protect the wellbeing of our community, I respect County Mayor Anderson’s decision he made regarding the mask/face covering mandate. However, I urge citizens of Franklin to continue to wear masks/face coverings in public and in any area where appropriate physical distancing cannot be maintained. As your Mayor and as a medical doctor for more than 50 years, I believe this is the best way to control the spread of COVID-19. While we are all encouraged by the progress we have made in the last few months, I urge all citizens to take safeguards seriously until more vaccines can be distributed.

Governor Lee’s mask campaign is also ongoing, calling on all Tennesseans to fight COVID-19 by wearing masks/facial coverings. Please do your part by wearing a mask/facial covering, keeping appropriate physical distancing, and washing hands frequently. These simple, commonsense actions will help keep you, your family, your friends, and the community safer during these challenging times.

What do you think? Do you think the mask mandate should be extended?

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  1. It is unbelievably myopic of so many officials to think that people can make the right choice when it comes to wearing masks, especially in Williamson County. Too many people are following the teachings of a man who no longer occupies the White House, and believe that not wearing a mask shows a freedom of choice and that caring for spreading a pandemic virus that has caused 500,000 deaths is not going to be forced upon them. Well, I care about possibly killing someone by spreading this scary virus that has killed all ages and all walks of life, whether underlying health conditions or not, and I will wear a mask EVERYTIME I could possibly encounter someone. It shows that right now we do not have the freedom to choose not to wear one and I care about other people and not just myself. It should really anger everyone anytime you see someone with a mask. How self-centered.

    • Living in a life threatening pandemic takes only common sense to do the next right thing. The minimal safety of ones self along with other citizens to wear a mask, wash hands & social distance is the only way to continue to lower the spread of a deadly killer virus. It has not gone away folks. People are still dying. Just because some numbers have dropped doesn’t mean this virus has gone. Just because a mandate has expired, or a politician deems their authority to discontinue life saving actions, does not mean we should not be responsible. This is not a political statement! Please be responsible & continue to do the next right thing for yourself, family & friends, & others. Wear, wash, & distance, please.

      • Your comment is awaiting moderation
        If the government told y’all to bark like a dog to keep from getting the virus you would accept as the gospel. I’ve known of a doctor who was wearing a mask in a room with a patient that was wearing a mask and she still got it. I see idiots riding down the road in their car by themself with a mask on. It’s so stupid and live the life. If you’re scared of the virus stay home and shop online and order take out. Don’t project your fears on the rest of us and impose your will on us.

  2. It’s gone!
    This will make life much easier for those who can’t wear a mask for reasons related to their disability.


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