May Semester Exams Required for WCS Students

From WCS inFocus


WCS students will be required to sit for semester exams in May 2021. However, exams can only help, not harm, a student’s average this school year.

According to Board policy 4.7001, students must take the State-mandated End-of-Course exam at the end of the spring semester. Due to the impact of COVID-19, the state has dropped the weight of the exams as to not negatively impact a student’s grades. Students whose semester exam scores are higher than their semester averages will have their exams count for 15 percent at the high school level and 10 percent at the middle school level. Exam scores will be waived for students whose scores are lower than their semester averages.

“Synthesizing information learned over a semester is a critical part of the learning process,” said WCS Assistant Superintendent of Teaching, Learning and Assessment Dr. Dave Allen. “The time spent reviewing material and preparing for exams will also increase post-secondary readiness for students.”

High school seniors who have maintained an ‘A’ average in a subject, have no unexcused absences and have not been suspended during the semester are not required to take that subject’s semester exam in accordance to Board policy.

Students enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses who sit for the AP or IB exams are exempt from the final exam. According to Board policy 4.600, teachers will add five percentage points to the second semester exam grade for students who sit for the AP or IB exam. For Honors courses, including middle school courses taught at the high school Honors level, teachers will add three points to the semester grade.

Principals will communicate exam information with their school communities.

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