Update: 3 Massage Parlors Raided in Murfreesboro

UPDATE 3/27: MPD Vice Detectives served search warrants on three businesses suspected of engaging in the crimes of Impersonating Licensed Professionals and Prostitution. Evidence was seized at each of the locations and is part of the ongoing investigation. Last Call 4 Grace Ministries assisted investigators by providing resources to the women working in these businesses.

Gold Sun Message: 1139 N.W. Broad Street Suite 106
Amazing Message: 202 N. Thompson Lane
Chinatown Therapeutic Massage: 1630 S. Church Street

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Original Story 3/27:

According to WKRN News 2, the Murfreesboro Police Department raided Chinatown Therapy at 1620 South Church Street Thursday afternoon.  A neighboring business owner told News 2 that police entered the business with their guns drawn.

It was not clear at this time on why authorities were there.

Franklin has had their share of massage parlor’s making the news lately as well.