One Family’s Simple Act of Compassion Changes the Life of a Teen Orphan

Steve and Lynn Hendrich describe themselves as just an ordinary family compelled to do an extraordinary thing.

The Hendrichs were on a mission trip in Moldova when they met Maria, a quiet orphan teen, who was also blind. The Hendrichs describe feeling as though they were called to help Maria. Thus, a series of events began to get Maria the help with her eyesight that she so desperately needed.

One of the many people involved in Maria’s story is Dr. Ming Wang, Harvard & MIT (MD, PhD) and his non profit The Wang Foundation for Sight Restoration.

Helping patients from all over the U.S. and countries worldwide, The Wang Foundation performs sight restoration surgeries free-of-charge for those who do not have access to the medical technology or funds for eye surgery.  The Foundation wants to help those who cannot help themselves and they know that some of those who most desperately need their services are blind orphan children overseas. The Wang Foundation networks with local missionaries who are traveling. Then, those missionaries are able to connect The Foundation with a child in need to get them to the United States for surgery.

Once contact is made between The Foundation and the child in need, it takes a village and a lot of patience to coordinate travel to the United States as well as housing and care for the child. This is where The Foundation hopes you or someone you know can help.

The Foundation can do a lot to help blind orphan children in regards to their eye sight and taking care of the costs, but the children also need a place to stay and recover from surgery.

How you can help:
Be a host family
The Foundation is always looking for families who would be willing to be a host family to a child travelling to the U.S. for surgery. As each situation is different, the Foundation aids in matching the families and children together. Families interested in hosting a child would be able to meet with Foundation members to discuss all matters regarding hosting: length of time needed for the child to have surgery and recover, age of child, medical severity and more. Contact The Wang Foundation for Sight Restoration for more information on becoming a host family.

Read more about Maria’s story here and watch a video about The Hendrich family above. Learn more about The Wang Foundation for Sight Restoration at