Maren Morris Weds Ryan Hurd

Maren Morris Ryan Hurd
credit-Ryan Hurd

Saturday evening in Nashville country music artist Maren Morris married fellow artist Ryan Hurd, reported People magazine.

The two singer-songwriters met while co-writing a song for Tim McGraw. Days before the nuptials, Morris posted a photo on Instagram captioning it, “Writing vows, feeling sentimental AF and dreaming of this guy being my freaking husband in a few days.”

As Morris was posting about writing vows, Hurd posted on Instagram about a song he wrote for Morris titled “Diamonds or Twine,” saying, “..I wrote this song for you, played it for you in Michigan the night I asked you to marry me. Diamonds or Twine, no matter what, I’ll be wrapped around your finger. I love you, MM. Here’s to forever.”

The song was recently released, you can take a listen below.

The couple became engaged in July 2017.  Hurd designed the engagement ring with an uncut diamond from New York and completed the design with a Canadian jeweler.

Morris walked down the aisle in a dress patterned after her mother’s telling People magazine her dress was custom made.

“She was a badass and had this short wedding dress, so I sent it to this designer that I love,” Morris explained. “I was like, ‘If we can do a modern version of my mom’s wedding dress just dreaming something up really cool but still throwback with her vibe, I would love to make that happen.’ So I’m just waiting to get sketches back but I know it’ll be perfect.”

On Sunday, Morris posted a photo from the couple’s wedding on Instagram saying, “My last turn home.”

My last turn home.

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