“March for Trump” Bus is Headed to Franklin

March for Trump
photo from March for Trump Facebook

UPDATE: The event has been canceled.

Via Facebook, the Williamson County Republican Party stated,”This Friday Rally has been cancelled due to The President has requested America for Women’s First and March for Trump Bus to be in Atlanta this weekend for the Rally he will be attending. Please consider going to Atlanta they could use your help.”

On Friday, December 4th the “March for Trump” bus will make a stop in Franklin.

As part of a cross-country tour, the bus will make an appearance at 408 Church Street in downtown Franklin (corner parking lot of Generations Church.)

The event is scheduled to begin at 6 pm with a lineup of speakers that includes the following:

Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow
Vernon Jones, Georgia State Rep.
Amy Kremer, Chairman of Women for America First
Kylie Jane Kremer, Executive Director, Women for America First
Dustin Stockton, Tyrant’s Curse
Pastor Kent Christmas, Regeneration Nashville
Cheryl Brown, Chairman Williamson County Republican Party
Cecelia DeSonia, President Moms For Tennessee
Tina Marie Griffin, Counter Culture Mom

The bus tour will end in Washington, DC on December 12 and was organized by Women for America First, a non-profit organization. The group’s mission statement is three-fold; support the America First agenda, elect new leaders and drain the swamp, and exercise the power of women’s vote.

For the latest updates on the event, visit their Facebook page.


  1. Only time i have ever hooed an asteroid would strike one of my old haunts. Women First! LMFAO! If you are a woman supporting this sexist clown you need serious therapy.

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