Spring Hill Shooting Suspect James Rush Huddleston

James Rush Huddleston is still at large now after more than a week on the run.

Huddleston, who is the primary suspect in a shooting in Spring Hill last Sunday, is being sought by law enforcement across the state and beyond.

“We are doing everything we can to look for him,” Lt. Justin Whitwell, Public Information Officer with the Spring Hill Police, said. “We have enlisted the help of the U.S. Marshal Service and they are working on whatever leads they can generate.”

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is also assisting, fielding leads. They added Huddleston to their “Top 10 Most Wanted List.”

Huddleston lived in Murfreesboro, but the search has gone beyond there. Without being specific, Whitwell said that police are “gaining knowledge that he has contacts and history in other jurisdictions.”

Police believe that he is not alone, but with Victoria Phillips, 22.

He fled the scene in a 1997 Red Cadillac Seville with a faded hood and aftermarket wheels, but is likely not still driving it, Whitwell said. It was at first believed that the pair had a young child with them, but the young girl in question was dropped off at the herĀ grandmother’s.

Whitwell said that law enforcement will proceed as if Huddleston is armed, and that anyone who sees him should stay away and call their local police right away.

“With the history he has, he won’t likely to go into custody easily,” Whitwell said.

Huddleston, who allegedly shot and killed 35-year-old Phillip Pero on Oct. 29, was previously charged with First Degree Murder in Nashville in 2004, and has a history of other criminal charges in both Davidson, Williamson and Wilson Counties, court records show.

A more detailed criminal history can be foundĀ here.