Manage Low Back Pain With Physical Therapy

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Do you suffer from low back pain? You aren’t alone. An estimated 7.3 percent of the population suffers from low back pain at any given time. The good news is that surgery doesn’t have to be the answer. In fact, many people are able to get short and long-term relief by seeing a physical therapist for low back pain. Learn more about low back pain treatment at Results Physiotherapy.

Fast Facts About Low Back Pain

  • Low back pain is very common and is the #1 cause of disability worldwide.
  • Low back pain is the #2 reason people go to their primary care provider. (The common cold is the primary reason.)
  • 90% of low back pain is considered non-specific low back pain, which means that there is no notable cause of the pain such as significant damage, disease or disc herniation.
  • One year after the presentation of low back pain, 30 percent of patients who had physical therapy experience recurrence. The recurrence rate among patients who did not have physical therapy is 84 percent.

“While many cases of low back pain will resolve on their own within about two weeks, who wants to be in pain for two weeks?  Seeing a physical therapist for low back pain can also result in a much lower recurrence rate in the long-term,” says Amy Crouse, PT, DPT, OCS, COMT of Results Physiotherapy. Staying as active as possible and not giving in to LBP is highly recommended by the clinical experts around the world.

Why Choose Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain?

Physical therapy is now the recommended first line treatment for persistent low back pain. In Tennessee, patients can go directly to their physical therapist without physician referral. If you decide to see your primary care doctor first, a referral to physical therapy is the recommended course.

“Not only are we going to decrease the recurrence rate,” says Crouse, “but we’re going to focus on calming the muscle tension and tightness, reducing nerve pain, and improving mobility.”

By seeing a physical therapist for lower back pain, patients may be able to realize significant savings on office visits, imaging, and possibly medication. From a long-term perspective, patients may be able to avoid injections, further imaging, and surgery.

According to the American College of Physicians in 2017, the average cost savings among patients who choose to start physical therapy instead of waiting varies between 18 and 54 percent. Those who had physical therapy saved over $2,000 compared to patients who sought treatment with injections and physical therapy patients saved over $20,000 on average when compared to patients who underwent surgery with very similar long-term outcomes.

Should You See a Physical Therapist for Low Back Pain?

You may wish to see a physical therapist if you have any acute or chronic low back pain without any red flags: changes in bowel or bladder function, saddle area numbness, sudden weakness of leg, etc.

Low back pain treatments at Results Physiotherapy are very individualized. An individualized treatment plan may include manual therapy, exercise, education, taping, trigger point therapy, or dry needling. Results Physiotherapy offers evidence-based care specific to your condition. Learn more about treatments.

Schedule Your FREE Screening at Results Physiotherapy

In Tennessee, patients can go direct to a physical therapist for care – no doctor’s referral required. As always, initial screenings at Results Physiotherapy are free. Request an appointment online, or call a Middle Tennessee Results Physiotherapy location near you.

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