Maintaining Your Game In the Winter | Chris Cauthen of Westhaven Golf Club

Chris Cauthen

As the cold air blows in, it’s tempting to trade in the golf clubs for the Golf Channel. PGA Head Golf Professional Chris Cauthen of Westhaven Golf Club recommends players lean into their training during the cold months instead.

Chris Cauthen:

“So often I hear the comment, ‘I don’t want to work on anything over the winter because I’m not going to be playing much anyways and won’t get much out of training.’ I challenge golfers to do the opposite. Winter, when you’re not worried about playing and scoring so much, is the perfect time to work on swing changes and other techniques.

“If you’re looking to improve your game next year, don’t wait until next year. Start making those changes now. Changes take time. What better time to start than when you’re not playing competitively?”

Williamson Source:

Chris, what do you recommend your golf students do to improve their game during the winter?


“I encourage everyone to stay active in the winter time. If my students already have an exercise routine, I encourage them to continue that routine throughout the winter. It’s important to maintain strength and flexibility. I also  encourage my students to continue to practice and take instruction through the winter time.”


What opportunities for wintertime training are available at Westhaven Golf Club?


“We are open year-round Tuesday to Sunday, weather permitting, and we teach throughout the winter. Our Golf Performance Center is an indoor facility, which allows players to hit indoors to outdoors. We’re able to get people out of the elements, such as cold weather, rain, sleet and snow. We have heaters inside the building that warm up the bays where players can hit balls, take instruction, or get a club fitting with our Master Clubfitter Tim Sygerych. (Lessons and club fitting services are available to both members and non-members.)

“Because of outdoor restrictions during the winter season, most classes are one-on-one. Currently, LPGA Teaching Professional Kim Williams offers a Ladies Beginning Classes (up to six ladies) on Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m. and Saturdays at 10 a.m.”


What else should golfers do at home during the winter season?


“Stretching drills and isolated movement drills that reinforce proper movement are important to maintain throughout the winter. Even if you are not able to hit a golf ball at home, you can still practice those isolated moves and swing your clubs in an open space, keeping the muscles active and feeling the weight of the club and the rhythm of the golf swing.

“Take advantage of any good days you capture in the winter time. Any afternoon that turns out to be a good weather day, go hit the range or play nine holes.”

Holiday Gift Ideas at Westhaven Golf Club

Westhaven Golf Club offers gift certificates for club fitting services, as well as discounts on five-lesson packages throughout the holiday season. Whether you want to improve your performance or find more enjoyment in the game of golf, call the Golf Performance Center at Westhaven at (615) 599-4420.


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