Mac’s Will Return to Spring Hill

Mac's Grub Shak

If you’ve been missing the burgers from Mac’s Grub Shack, you’re in luck! Mac’s is returning to Spring Hill, taking over the now-vacated Sidelines Grille location at 3011 Longford Drive, Spring Hill.

Mac’s is coming back in a big way. We are reopening Mac’s with a huge twist. New menu items, lower prices, games and fun for the kids and the whole family. We will have a full bar as well. With close to 200 seats, we won’t be crammed in like before,” the restaurant shared on Facebook.

Mac’s Grub Shack first opened in 2013 on Main Street. In 2017, the restaurant was sold and renamed Mac’s Grille. Mac’s Grille has since closed as well.

Owner Michael McCray shared with us that this time will be a little different. “As for the menu, things will be a bit different. We will still offer the best all-natural beef burgers and the most popular ones that we had on the menu but we will be doing some things different.”

One thing McCray said would be different is the price. “We will be lowering the price of our burgers from what they were before and we will also offer a full dinner menu, more appetizers, and a variety of different cool creations.”

As far as pricing, McCray said the plan is to keep the price point under $15 with kids meals priced at no more than $5.

Other new additions for the restaurant will include a variety of games for both adults and kids, pool tables, and dartboards.

Mac’s is expected to open the first week of April. Keep checking back here for more details.


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