Luxe Living… An Insider’s Guide from a Zeitlin Sotheby Realtor

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Franklin, TN Realtors Advise on Luxury Living…

If you’re trying to sell your home, you know one of the first spaces to make an impression on potential buyers is the living room. And if you’ve just moved into a beautiful new home, these tips can help make the living room you have into a luxe living room you’ve always dreamed of having.

Luxurious living rooms don’t have to cost a small fortune. Whether you are selling or plan to stay, these insider tips from Franklin, TN Realtors Warren Bradley Partners could dramatically impact and transform your living space.

Floor Length Window Treatments

If you’re going to spend at least some money to invest in the luxe look for your living room, this is the place to start. Nothing screams luxury like floor length curtains. And while custom window treatments are an excellent investment in this space, you may even be able to find them retail.

If you are going to buy them yourself, make sure you measure accurately. (Drapes that stop short instantly make you lose the wow factor.) You can up the game by hanging from ceiling height instead of the top of the window. Or buy panels longer than what you need and trim the excess from the bottom. Even if you don’t sew, you can have panels hemmed for less than custom treatments would cost.

Decorative Molding

Whether you choose to go a DIY or professional approach, adding or replacing decorative molding elevates the luxury significantly while not adding a lot to the budget. Save yourself the pain of the remodel and simply refresh with this sophisticated touch. Maximize the elegance by painting molding the same color as the walls.

Integrate Textures and Shapes

While there is certainly something to be said for clean lines, sometimes it can look a little too clean…and that’s where a home can start to look sterile and boring! Add interest and luxe to the room with various shapes. If the room is too square, add some curves. An oval mirror, bookends with curves and swirls, unique lamps, or curvy legs on a side table make the room much more intriguing and luxurious.

Or, layer the room with textures through pillows, blankets and more. While throw pillows aren’t automatically cheap, they’re a lot less expensive than replacing major pieces of furniture like your couch. Pillows or blankets may be more affordable than you think. Find beautiful scrap fabric at a craft store at a substantial discount, then hire someone to make the pillows. Doing so could save more than 50%!

Metals Make it Happen

Bringing in new textures such as metallics will have a big impact on the luxury level of your living room. No, you don’t need everything dripping in gold gilding. But a few key pieces in a variety of metals makes your living room stand out. Consider a metallic clock or mirror over the fireplace, a brass floor lamp, or mixed textures incorporating metals on a coffee or end table. Even updating the hardware in the room can add luxury without breaking the bank.

Let There Be (Dim) Light!

Light is an absolute must for reading or avoiding stubbing your toes in the middle of the night. But everything (and everyone) looks better in dimmer lighting. The gentle, soft subtle lighting lends an air of regalness to a room. You can either layer your lighting options by adding plug-in wall sconces, floor or table lamps to your existing overhead lighting, giving you choices of brightness as wanted. Or you can add a dimmer switch to your existing lighting. You’ll never regret this inexpensive option of soft lighting.

Statement Pieces

Statement pieces can be antique, though they need not be expensive. They can be large-scale wall art pieces or smaller pieces that tie the room together on the mantle, bookcase or end tables. Take the time to find what speaks to you. Be willing to hunt for something special at a flea market or second-hand store or estate sale. If it’s something you love, the room will have that certain indescribable and luxurious je ne sais quoi.

Can’t find something that blows you away? Use fresh flowers! Change your mind as often as you like with a full bouquet of fresh flowers in a beautiful vase to bring life and luxury to the space.

The Inviting Luxe Living Room

When you create an inviting environment in your luxe living room, you invite life to happen there––whether yours or a potential buyer’s. Remember, sterile and overly matching can be boring. It’s okay to have a variety in your living room. When you’re ready to sell your home, the expert Zeitlin Sotheby Realtors at Warren Bradley Partners can guide you in creating that inviting atmosphere. With more than 30 years’ experience, they have insiders’ ideas to stage your home to attract the perfect buyer. These Franklin, TN, realtors know the Middle Tennessee market like no one else! Call (615) 300-8663 now.

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