Jennifer Luteran, a resident of Brentwood who came in second this past August in a three-way race for school board, has notified County Mayor Rogers Anderson of her application for the open Williamson County Commission seat in District 7.

Bobby Hullett won the school board seat with 1,050 votes. Luteran had 865 votes and Christopher Richards had 204.

Hullett was the first to put his name in the hat for appointment to the County Commission after Commissioner Tom Bain stepped down because of illness.

Luteran, in a press release announcing her bid, said she will miss the professionalism and service of Bain.

“Like many District 7 residents, I was surprised and disappointed that Bobby Hullett decided to abandon his seat on the school board after being sworn in last October — serving less than four months of his four-year term — and instead pursue appointment to the county commission,” Luteran said.

“During last year’s campaign, I was privileged to meet personally with hundreds of my fellow residents and hear about their concerns and desires for the community. Many of those same residents encouraged me to apply for this seat on the commission because they are confident I will make positive contributions to the community and be respectful of all my constituents. They also know that I will keep my word and follow through on commitments,” she said.

Luteran is active in the community and at her children’s schools. Prior to her time as a stay-at-home mom, she spent a number of years working in commercial litigation.

“I believe that I can use those same skills to be an effective negotiator on the commission and bring both sides of an issue together,” she said.

“My passion is seeing that the business community becomes more engaged in our school community so that Williamson County is able to begin supporting our schools in other ways besides through taxpayer dollars,” Luteran said, adding, “Through my role on the commission, I would love to become an integral part of the Williamson County Education Foundation.”

According to her press release, she pledged if appointed to carefully evaluate every proposed expenditure, respectfully represent all her constituents and commit to run for the seat again in 2018.