Lululemon Recalls Over 300,000 Hoodies

lululemon store

Lululemon can’t seem to get a break.  Remember the yoga-gate incident from 2013 where the pants turned out to be very sheer revealing a little too much in your workout classes.  Lululemon actually  patched the pants and re-sold the same ones in stores calling them “second chance.”  Followed by comments made by Chip Wilson, company’s founder, now there is another recall that is being issued.

Lululemon made a statement, “We recently issued a voluntary safety notice in response to a small number of reports from guests who told us that they encountered an issue with elastic drawcords with hard (metal or plastic) tips in the neck area of some of our tops primarily sold prior to 2014.”

Affected in the recall:  318,000 hoodies including 23 different hoodies and jackets.  Popular designs like the Gratitude Wrap, along with the Carry and Go Hoodie made in 2008-2014.

On the Consumer Product Safety website they state, “When the elastic draw cord with a hard tip in the hood or around the neck area is pulled or caught on something and released, it can snap back, impact the face area, and result in injury.”

The CPS cited that seven consumers had reported injuries to the face and eye but no specifies were given as to what injuries occurred.  It is recommended that consumers stop wearing the tops with the elastic cord or remove the draw cord.  Consumers are also encouraged to contact Lululemon through  their website or in person at one of their store locations.

Lululemon also notes on their site, this is a voluntary recall  as in no lawsuit has been issued.  They are cooperating with  Consumer Product Safety and Health Canada.

There are two Lululemon stores located in the area with the Franklin location at 1556 W McEwen Drive Southside next to Whole Foods.

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