Lucky Leprechaun Workout 🍀 a Wee Bit O’Green!

From Play It Again Sports ~ Brentwood

Heavy dumbbell, glass of green beer, Irish hat with shamrock leaf clover. Healthy fitness gym composition concept for St. Patrick's Day. Cheat day temptation vs sticking to the diet.

Did you know that a bottle of Guinness only contains 125 calories? Offset your Over 21 St. Patrick’s Day drinks with this quick lower-body circuit workout.

Irish Reel:

Imitating the bounding jumps of stepdance, run in place with high knees for 60 seconds. This will elevate your heart rate and warm up your legs.

“Goblin” Squats:

Grab a pot of gold (or a kettlebell from Play It Again Sports ~ Brentwood) and get ready to feel your butt and back.

Step 1: Stand with your feet between hip- and shoulder-width apart. Hold a dumbbell or kettlebell vertically with your hands underneath the top of the weight. Hold the weight against your body so it’s touching your sternum and stomach.

Step 2: Keeping your core tight, back flat and dumbbell or kettlebell in contact with your body, bend your hips and knees to initiate the squat and continue until your elbows touch your knees.

p.s. If you prefer squatting with a barbel, Play It Again Sports ~ Brentwood has 7′, 45lb Olympic bars in stock.

Black iron kettlebell with green leprechaun hat on a black gym floor, holiday fitness, green shamrocksRainbow Kicks:

The treasure at the end of this rainbow? Sculpted glutes. Lower yourself to tabletop position on all fours. Straighten one leg behind you and slightly to the side, then arc the leg up and over to the other side of your body. Repeat 10 times in each direction before switching to your second leg. Here’s a video of this exercise: Glute Rainbows.

Shamrock Shuffle:

For this move, get a hip resistance band (sold at Play It Again Sports ~ Brentwood) and place it above your knees (or below your knees, for an added challenge). Squat and inch your legs sideways while maintaining tension in the band. Go 10 steps in the first direction, then reverse.

Leprechaun Lunges:

Standing in place, hold your arms straight up the sky while alternating standing forward lunges. For an added challenge, jump to change legs. Complete 10 lunges on each leg.

Four-Leaf Clover Twists:

Time to show your core some love. This movement is a Russian twist with your feet flat on the floor at a 90-degree angle (or for an added challenge, lift your feet off the floor at a 45 degree angle), lean back slightly so that your torso and legs form a V-like shape. From that position, twist with your clasped hands from side to side without moving your legs, drawing a figure 8 (four-leaf clover) in the air.

Repeat the whole circuit 3 times (preferably in a green outfit, of course). Best of luck! 🍀

*** Please consult your doctor before beginning any new fitness routine.

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