Longtime Friends Band Together for “Steamboys” Restaurant Concept

Longtime Friends Band Together for “Steamboys” Restaurant Concept

What’s better than Chinese comfort food? Serving it up with good friends. Steamboys is a restaurant concept founded by local high school friends Brandon Lin, Andy Le and Michael Olatunji Junard, joined by New York friends Hans Alcindor and Tao Xu.

“We all have different backgrounds and do different things in the community,” says Lin, “but Steamboys is what connects all.” To call the founders’ skillset diverse is an understatement. In addition to being restaurateurs, the group is comprised of a physician (Le), accountant (Xu), and professional photographer (Alcindor).

“It’s an unlikely group that came together and got into the food business,” remarks Lin. “But it works. The inspiration for this fast-casual business started in my years at NYU living in the East Village where there’s a very trendy, foody scene.”

Inspired to create something truly special in Nashville, the five entrepreneurs set off on a trip to China to learn the craft firsthand. “We literally took the fast train and went across ten plus cities all across China and found these chefs that taught us how to make bao and dumplings,” explains Lin. “They taught us how to really create flavor out of all the noodles that you serve.”

The result back in Nashville? Fresh, handcrafted and handmade food. “The food has really surprised a lot of the locals here,” says Lin. But flavor isn’t the only thing that keeps a line of customers out the door. One of the hallmarks of Steamboys is speed and convenience that doesn’t sacrifice quality. “Our food is fast. You don’t have to sit down for 30 minutes. We make it on the spot: fresh, handmade, handcrafted. And we’re fast with it. It’s efficient,” says Lin.

Steamboys has two locations (Germantown and Hermitage) and is currently opening two more locations in Winter/Spring 2021 (Nolensville and Assembly Food Hall at Fifth and Broadway).

For more information, visit https://www.steamboys.com/.