Local Waxing Studio Creates Their Own Formula to Perfect Their Craft

Waxing the City Franklin Staff

The waxing industry is one of the largest growing industries and in Franklin you can find a new waxing studio called Waxing the City at 3046 Columbia Avenue.

Like salons have cosmetologists, Waxing the City has Cerologists. The licensed estheticians at Waxing the City are not only waxing specialists, they are the ultimate professionals at their craft. This led the company to create their very own title of Cerologist technicians. This term was taken from the Latin roots– “Cera” meaning wax and “ologist” meaning one who studies.

Waxing the City also created a school to further their specialization. Every aesthetician of theirs goes to a school in Denver for a week of hands-on training followed by six weeks of evaluations and assessments to ensure quality across the board.

Assessment is rigorous and prospective Cerologists are held to a very high standard,” says Kurt Weil, owner of Waxing the City Franklin.

Their special focus on waxing makes Waxing the City unique with specially focused, research-driven practices. Their main goal is to create an environment that is inviting to customers. They completely understand the effect of waxing and what works best for the different areas of the body.

The thing that makes their company and professionals particularly different from others is their combination of the wax they use and the studios where they perform their services. The wax for them is the most important. They use a combination of soft and hard waxes specially formulated for them to offer gentle hair removal while soothing and comforting the skin. For sensitive areas, they use what they call “orange wax,” which is a hard wax. For sensitive areas, this is the best as it wraps around the hair for easy removal while soothing, exfoliating, and softening the skin. For larger areas though, they use a soft wax that is golden to comfort the skin while pulling those hairs that are often thicker and more stubborn.

At Waxing the City, we feature a custom-formulated hard wax made for us by one of the world’s leading wax manufacturers in Spain. This special wax, combined with our unrivaled Cerology waxing services, makes the entire waxing experience much more comfortable,” said Weil.

While many salons are known for a “speed waxing,” Waxing the City takes their time to to get to know you one-on-one and then focuses on making the experience as enjoyable as they can.

For more information on their company, visit their website.


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