Franklin High School student Abby Henkel is working on a short film project that shares the story of medical mistakes that were made while treating her baby sister Sophie’s Congenital Hearts Defects resulting in her death in 2009. The film is called “Don’t Go,” because the unexpected events surrounding the death of Sophie, resulted in Abby never being able to say, “good-bye,” a truth that haunts Abby to this day.

In order to complete her project, Abby needs to raise funds. Pre-production has taken place for the film along with casting. Most of the money raised will go toward artificial intelligence featured in the film. Abby is working with Vanderbilt Center for Experiential Learning & Assessment. They will use their teaching technology to re-create the medical issues on their artificial patients, typically for teaching medical students but this will be used so as to mimic what happened to Abby’s sister Sophie in 2009.

Since this is a short film, it will take about three days to shoot and the finished film will have a run time of approximately 15 minutes.

Producer on the project is Regina Moore. Actors Josh Childs and Tony Gibbons have all read this and are committed and they are just waiting for Abby to reach her funding goal to make this film.

“Don’t Go” began as a short story that Abby wrote when she was 10-years-old. She received an award for the story. At age 12, Abby wrote this Short Film for Regina Moore, local casting director and film industry veteran, in a six-week intensive scene study class.

Abby’s goal for the short film is to raise awareness for Congential Heart Defects. You can contribute to the project at the Paypal Pool link here.

If the crowd raising event is successful, Abby plans to have a premiere party at the Franklin Theatre. Keep checking back here for more details.

Abby has appeared in Tidy Cat commercials and will be featured in a movie set to be released this summer.