Local is the Mission of this Spring Hill Beer Shop and Eatery

wild hare beer and eatery

Finding Wild Hare Beer Co. and its so-called “Underground Kitchen” is like finding a foodie secret treasure.

Under the radar and off the beaten path (if you don’t live in Spring Hill), it will likely join the ranks of establishments that foodies will drive to again and again. (Of course they will all take credit for the food-find when casually share with their friend group about the  “little gem of a shop.”)

Ostensibly a beer Mecca (Wild Hare sells dozens of regional, popular and international beers and has 15 Tennessee taps) the shop now serves inventive dishes with locally sourced ingredients created especially to pair with beer.

wild hare taps
With dozens of regional, international and high gravity beers, Wild Hare Beer Co. also offers 15 beers from Tennessee on tap for a pint or growler. Wild Hare Beer Co., 4825 Main Street, Spring Hill, 615-454-8592.

“We have a real passion for local and regional beers. Our menu was created with the same dedication to sourcing local with Hippo Hollow Farms in Columbia and Spring Hill Bakery two of the local suppliers our kitchen works with,” says Kenneth Sizemore, co-owner of Wild Hare Beer Co..

Sourcing local is all well and good, but the food needs to be, well … good. And the offerings at the Underground Kitchen don’t disappoint.

While Sizemore proudly showcases the dozens of curated beers in the shop, he doesn’t take credit for the inventive menu.

His sister, Lorraine Attigliato, with industry experience as sous chef at Saffire in Franklin and her husband, Joseph Attigliato, who had “front of the house” experience in restaurants and delis in New York and Nashville, have created a menu of Southern pub fare favorites interpreted in a fresh, delicious style .

The Wild Hare Island BBQ Sandwich is a mouth watering creation made with smoked pulled pork, Atchara (a Filipino green papaya relish and a special hoisin BBQ sauce on a Spring Hill Bakery sesame roll. The perfect mix of heat, smokey and piquant sweet, this sandwich is one of the best — and most creative — ‘cue creations around.

wild hare sandwich
Pair a cold one with a seriously amazing Wild Hare Island BBQ Sandwich a mouth party created with smoked pulled pork, Athchara green papaya relish, hoisin BBQ sauce on a fresh sesame bun, $9 at Wild Hare Beer Co. Underground Kitchen, 4825 Main Street, Spring Hill, 615-454-8592.

If you want shareables, try the Mac + Cheese Waffle. Creamy homemade mac and cheese becomes the base for a crispy, cheesy waffle, topped with homemade cheese sauce and scallions. (And though it is dubbed a shareable and is generous enough for two, you probably won’t want to play nice and share.) Or try the Loaded Potato Waffle, a crispy potato turned waffle topped with bacon, cheese, sour cream and butter.

wild hare beer and eatery
A loaded potato recreated in a fresh crispy waffle, topped with cheese sauce, bacon, scallions, sour cream and butter, $5.50 at Wild Hare Beer Co. Underground Kitchen

Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed. The casual atmosphere, fresh food and some of the best local and regional curation of beers around, Wild Hare Beer Co. Underground Kitchen won’t be a secret for very long.

Wild Hare Beer Co. is at 4824 Main Street, Suite 4, Spring Hill. For a Google Earth tour inside Wild Hare, CLICK HERE.