Local Dance Company Wins National Competition

DC Dance Factory, in Franklin, took 120 of its best dancers to the Hall of Fame World Series Dance Competition in Orlando, Florida this past weekend.

Thirty-eight dance studios from all over the United States, including Canada, competed in Orlando, producing 1,179 acts.

DC Dance Factory won the National Title, with each participating dancer bringing home a $1,000 check. Here is a list of dancers who performed the National Title winning dance.

DC Dance Factory

In addition to that, after a week of competition, 62 dancers were selected to re-compete in 13 categories in the Hall Of Fame’s ‘World Series’. DC Dance Factory won 7 of those categories.

“DC Dance Factory has been competing for some time this year marked 22 years. DC Dance Factory would like to thank all of their choreographers, students, and parents for a moment in time we will never forget. We are so excited to see what the future holds,” said Daryl and Stephanie Campbell, owners of DC Dance Factory.

DC Dance Factory is located at 1850 General George Patton Drive, Franklin. Follow DC Dance Factory on Facebook for the latest updates and offerings.






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