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Government workers are still feeling the effects of the 35-day shutdown that began that began in late December, a few days before Christmas. In response to this issue, Brentwood Baptist donated a $20 Publix gift card to each TSA agent working at Nashville’s International Airport. The growing airport serves over 30,000 people daily and requires a TSA staff of 375 workers, the largest team of government employees working within the airport.  

During the shutdown Brett Freemon, Brentwood Baptist Missions Mobilization Minister, noticed the TSA workers in Nashville and elsewhere on several occasions during the limited government shutdown. He said, “They have remained courteous and professional, even to the extent that they have demonstrated a positive attitude toward their jobs. They help ensure our safety and security as we travel in our professional and personal roles.”

Freemon remarked, “It will still be several days before a paycheck shows up in the hands of these workers and they have had to make sacrifices that we can help to address. Regardless of the end of this shutdown, it’s still an uncertain time with another shutdown very possible.”

On Monday, January 28, Freemon along with a team of Brentwood Baptist staff members presented the grocery store gift cards to the TSA agents at the airport. Freemon noted, “We want to be an active part of our community. When our community hurts or is in crisis, we hurt too. We also want to love our neighbors as ourselves and this is one way to demonstrate that love. We are not just focused on our church members, we have a responsibility to make a difference where and when we can.”

Wesley Henderson, TSA assistant federal security director for the airport, greeted the team from Brentwood Baptist, and said “Our leadership is extremely proud of our team and how reliable and committed they are to serve the public with dedication and skill.” Henderson continued, “Our team is more resilient than I could have imagined, but their sense of pride has grown through this challenge because of the support and appreciation that they have received from the public during this time.”

Many organizations from the community have rallied around the TSA workers over the past 35 days. The Nashville Food Project and other local non-profit organizations provided lunches for the TSA team during the shutdown. In addition to the donation of gift cards, Brentwood Baptist donated funds to and connected the TSA team with Rooftop Nashville, an organization that provides emergency rental assistance to Davidson County residents.  

Smaller actions can also make a big impact to support and uplift the dedicated men and women working as TSA agents. Henderson mentioned, “If there is one thing that I can say that makes the biggest difference for our team at TSA is for the public to extend a smile and a ‘thank you’. Those simple gestures are ways that everyone can give, and it makes a big impact on the lives of our teammates.”

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A few years ago, Brentwood Baptist Church leadership recognized the value of regional campuses in multiple communities throughout the greater Nashville area. 

In 2010, the church established its first regional campus—The Church at Station Hill. In 2014, three additional campuses—The Church at Avenue SouthThe Church at West Franklin, and The Church at Woodbine—joined the Brentwood Baptist family. In 2016, our fifth regional campus, The Church at Lockeland Springs was added, and The Church at Nolensville and The Church at Harpeth Heights became regional campuses in 2018.

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