Local Athlete Receives Life Changing Opportunity

Tennessee Soccer Club

Supporting a family of seven on a single income may sound like an impossible task for most of us. But that’s the undertaking Roger and Alejandra Morales are faced with every day. A local organization has stepped in to lighten their financial load and potentially change the life of one of their five children.

Axel Morales, 15, has been playing soccer for more than ten years now. About seven years ago is when his sporting career took a dramatic turn. That’s when he was spotted by a team manager at Tennessee Soccer Club (TSC).

“Somebody saw Axel playing and they invited him to come try out,” said Alejandra Morales. “I explained that I would not be able to afford it because at that time I already had two kids and was pregnant with my third.”

Representatives from TSC told her about a new program they had just started called Ask for 10 where the club’s employees donate a portion of their salary to a scholarship and financial aid fund. That money, combined with donations made by other members of the community, is what allowed Axel to accept that tryout invitation.

“Well clearly it changed a lot for me because I don’t think I would be as good as I am today without TSC,” Axel admitted. “The coaches have helped me a lot to increase my talent and it’s just been really good.”

In addition to giving him the opportunity to participate in a highly competitive soccer league, playing for Tennessee Soccer Club has opened up all kinds of doors for him in the world of sports and academics.

“Coach Stuart has already started talking about college,” said Axel. “I hope I get a really good scholarship.”

Axel is not the only player on the TSC roster who is taking advantage of these incredible programs. Stuart Brown, the club’s Executive Director, says that this year alone 84 athletes will benefit from the financial aid and scholarship funds.

“Our services are wonderful and we do everything we can to support those who need our help,” said Brown.

Tennessee Soccer Club is always accepting donations to its financial aid and scholarship funds. You can easily make a donation by visiting the TSC website or by giving the club a call at 615-905-4865.