Living Life In The “Walternative” Lane, Part 2

Walter Egan

Today, we continue our interview with local musician Walter Egan. On February 8th, Walter will be in New York City at Town Hall playing in the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Beatlemania. If you missed Part one click  HERE.

: You are known by many of the young folks around here as “Mr. Egan”, because besides being a talented musician, students around here say you’re a great substitute teacher. Tell us where you have taught here locally and what that is like for you.
Walter: It is not easy to be any kind of an artist and have a normal life. I have found that substitute teaching works well because it allows me to go on the road when necessary and still have work when I come back. I only sub at Centennial HS, and have been doing that for about 15 years now. I like the kids there and now they know who I am so when they come into my class I get a lot of “Mister Egan, alright!!”…someone has to be the cool sub!


WS: So, you are heading to the Big Apple to play at Town Hall on Feb. 8th as part of the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles coming to the U.S. Ironically, I understand you were at that first concert. Just a couple of months after President Kennedy had been assassinated, the country was in change, tell me what that was like at that time as a 15-year-old with a newly formed band to be there.
Walter: The Beatles shook up my generation’s world with their fresh take on rock and roll and their fresh attitudes. They also wrote their own songs so that was pretty radical. Although I was weaned on The Kingston Trio and The Beach Boys, The Beatles seemed somehow more accessible to the young wanna be performers as I was. The concert was incredible, though hard to hear thanks to the screaming girls! Just the energy in Carnegie Hall that night was enough to charge me and my mates into a world of infinite possibilities.

WS:  How did you get the invite to play this event, who will you be playing with and what are you most looking forward to?
Walter: I was invited to be a part of this Beatles tribute by a promoter with whom I did the “Weekend of 100 Rock Stars” with about three years ago. Each of the performers will do one Beatles song and their own hit and I will be on the bill with the likes of Tommy James and Marshall Crenshaw. Having grown up in NYC, I always love going back to the city, especially when I have a gig there. What I’m looking forward to most, aside from a slice of pizza, is getting to spend some time with my son who lives and works there. It will actually be a big week for me. After that show, my new CD, Myth America, drops on Tuesday the 11th and my painting exhibit, “R’n’RIP – the Martyrs of Rock and Roll”, opens Thursday the 13th in Georgetown, at which I will be performing…an old fashioned sixties happening!!

Williamson Source would like to thank Walter for taking time to talk to us. We will be watching for the release of his new album and keeping an eye on his painting exhibit. We’ll keep you updated on opportunities to view and hear his music in the area.