Two minutes can seem like eternity when you’re in an emergency situation. A 911 call from May 2, 2015 of Brentwood resident Mona Beard talking with the operator, all the while performing CPR on her husband, can only be described as heart wrenching.

Mrs. Beard heard her husband fall and quickly began doing CPR. In the audio you can hear Beard pleading for someone to hurry as she didn’t know how much longer she could keep performing CPR. “The officer is seconds from your front door, you need to go open the door,” the operator calmly said.

Sgt. Woodard, of the Brentwood Police Department, was the first responder on the scene and even with Mrs. Beard’s efforts, her husband was still unresponsive. Woodard continued chest compressions until Beard began breathing. Brentwood Fire and Rescue and paramedics from Station 4 arrived to transport Beard to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

“You know what to do in these situations, it’s what you’ve trained for. Past experience and training kick in all at once,” Sgt. Woodard explained.

Sgt. Woodard shared that in the 10 or 12 times he had responded to this type of call, this would become the first time his efforts would have a “positive outcome.” The word Woodard uses to describe his feelings after realizing the patient would survive–“surreal.”

“It was a collective effort; from Mrs. Beard performing CPR, to me being within two minutes to respond, and the good Lord above, everything just fell into place,” Woodard emotionally explained. For his efforts Sgt. Woodard was awarded the Lifesaving Award by his department.

After making his recovery Mr. Beard would learn something he never knew about his wife. It seems Mrs. Beard had been CPR certified. Both Sgt. Woodard and Asst. Chief Tommy Walsh commented on the fact that the quick response by Mrs. Beard played a major role in saving her husband’s life. This is an important message for everyone to take away from this story.


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