List of Roads Impacted by Storms – Aug 28

Williamson County Emergency Management has an up-to-date storm impact page on their website.

The site will be updated throughout the severe weather event this evening with updated information on road impacts, facility impacts, and press releases as needed. An additional column has been added to the road impact list to indicate the problem on the roadway. Please note that roadways can reopen and close quickly, so there may be a delay in a roadway being taken off the list once it has been reopened.

Impacted Roads, as of 4:42pm

  • BUCKNER RD / BUCKNER LN Roadway Hazard
  • CLEBURNE ST Roadway Hazard
  • WADDELL HOLLOW ROAD Roadway Hazard
  • MURFREESBORO ROAD Roadway Hazard

Williamson County is not currently seeing any heavy impacts from the storm system that just came through, however there have been a few reports of wires down on the roadways.

You can find Williamson County Emergency Management on Twitter – @WCTNEMA or on Facebook.

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