List of Roads Impacted by Severe Weather – March 29

impacted roadways

Williamson County Emergency Management is keeping up with all the roads that are impacted due to the storm on their website. We are also sharing their list of impacted roads below.

The site will be updated throughout the severe weather event this evening with updated information on road impacts, facility impacts, and press releases as needed. An additional column has been added to the road impact list to indicate the problem on the roadway. Please note that roadways can reopen and close quickly, so there may be a delay in a roadway being taken off the list once it has been reopened.

Here is a list of impacted roads, as of March 30 at 10:30 am

Closures Reason
Old Natchez Trace / Temple Rd Flooded
Old Natchez Trace / Moran Rd Flooded
Liberty Pike Flooded

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