List of Roads Impacted by Severe Weather – February 15

impacted roadways

As a winter storm pushes into the area, the National Weather Service is reporting that roads are covered with a thin layer of ice across Nashville and other parts of Middle Tennessee and they advise people to not drive this morning unless an emergency.

Williamson County Emergency Management is keeping up with all the roads that are impacted due to the winter storm on their website. We are also sharing their list of impacted roads below.

Williamson County is continually receiving reports of iced roadways. This list will not be conclusive due to this, but will hopefully provide some scope to the impact in our County.

The site will be updated throughout the severe weather event this evening with updated information on road impacts, facility impacts, and press releases as needed. An additional column has been added to the road impact list to indicate the problem on the roadway. Please note that roadways can reopen and close quickly, so there may be a delay in a roadway being taken off the list once it has been reopened.

*OF NOTE: Due to the overwhelming amount of iced roadways across the County, Williamson County Emergency Management has pulled down their road impact list. Individuals should take extreme caution when venturing outdoors. Public safety agencies across the County continue to urge the community to stay home.

Here is a list of impacted roads, as of February 15 at 8:40 am

Location Problem
 Carters Creek / Southall Rd Ice
Natches Trace/ Pinewood Road Ice
W Main ST / Downs Blvd Ice
Thompsons Station Rd W / Old Thompson St Rd Ice
Davis Hollow Rd / Peach Hollow Rd Ice
Owen Hill Rd / Arno Allisona Ice
Buckner Rd / Buckner Ln Ice
Dr Robinson / Town Center Ice
 Main St Ice
Sneed Road Ice
Del Rio Ice
Nolensville Rd Ice
Hwy 100/ Old Franklin Road Ice
Liberty Pike Ice
Manley Road / Beachcreek Road Ice
Spicer Ct Ice
Old Hillsboro Rd Ice
Lewisburg Pike Ice
 Horton Hwy Ice
Kidd Rd Ice
Hunting Camp Rd Ice
Campbell Station Rd Ice
  Championship BLVD Ice
Temple Rd Ice
 Spencer Creek Rd Ice
Carters Glenn Place Ice
Leipers Creek / I840 Ice
Sneed Rd Ice
Flat Creek Rd Ice
Overbey Rd / Old Franklin Rd Ice
Hwy 96/ I-65 Ice
Carl Rd Ice
West Harpeth Ice
Manley Rd/ Beechcreek Rd Ice


Traffic Updates (Videos Taken Between 10 – 11am Monday)

I-65 in Cool Springs area

Concord Road in Brentwood

Downtown Franklin

Hwy 431 Heading Into Franklin, North from Spring Hill

Mack Hatcher and Lewisburg Pike, Franklin

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