Kenneth Eaton

All of his life, Kenneth Eaton has been a businessman. At just 13-years-old, he found his entrepreneurial spirit when he began mowing yards, saving his money for his dad to purchase fixer upper cars to be sold at the family’s pre-owned automobile dealership. And at just 18-years-old, he started his own dealership and bought his first home.

As his business grew, he invested his money in real estate with great success, with over $20 million in real estate transactions in the last 10 years. His car dealerships continued to thrive as well, with sales in excess of $75 million and awards for top customer satisfaction and top seller in his TN market.

Now adding politics to his list of interests, he has thrown his hat in the mayoral ring. Kenneth Eaton is running for Williamson County Mayor against incumbent Rogers Anderson. His enthusiasm for political office came a few years ago when the Mayor of Nashville took his auto dealership by eminent domain. He fought the city for four years with a partial win, experiencing what he describes as “corruption” and “wasteful spending.”

He believes wholeheartedly that “a businessman, not a politician” is what the county needs right now. His goals are “ to reduce the waste in overhead and expenditures, as well as stop unnecessary spending” and “put tax dollars in the appropriate places.”

Kenneth and his wife of 41 years (Toni) live in Franklin and have two sons and one grandson.

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Election Day is Tuesday, May 1, 2018.