Lemon Icebox Pie: A Southern Delight for More than 100 Years!

From Papa C Pies

lemon icebox cake from papa c pies

Since the advent of the icebox in the mid 1800s and then the dawn of the electric refrigerator that soon became a staple in every household in America in the early 1900s, Southerners have relished in the summer treat of an icebox pie. And when you get something right the first time, why mess with perfection?

Why Do We Just Love Icebox Pies?

Whether for making or eating, Southerners love icebox pies in the summer. The birth of the cooling device known as the icebox led, of course, to the development of the refrigerator, which ended up giving us that oh-so-wonderful development of a pie recipe designed especially for the fridge. This meant one very important truth… minimal-to-no baking!

If you’ve lived in the South through a summer, you know heat and humidity are par for the course. To be able to make a refreshing summer pie without having to turn on the oven and make the whole house even hotter is a godsend! And the fresh, tart, cool sweetness of lemon is perfect on a hot, summer day. (Yes, it may technically be fall now… but Mother Nature doesn’t always cool the South in the early days of fall.)

Try a Refreshing Lemon Icebox Pie

There’s a reason why lemonade is the summer drink of choice across the country and why so many of us put lemon in our tea. The refreshing tang, that slight puckering of sour combined with just the right amount of sweetness for balance not only cools but also can evoke the memories of delightful slow summer days all year long.

Along with its cousin, the Key Lime Pie, a Lemon Icebox Pie features a delicious buttery graham cracker crust, a perfectly balanced, “puckery smooth” creamy filling and finished with a Swiss Meringue. While it does set up well in the fridge, it can also be stored up to two months in the freezer when covered in plastic wrap, then in foil.

Whether it’s fully defrosted or still slightly frozen, Papa C Pies’ lemon icebox pie is excellent any time of year. (Slightly frozen feels like an ice cream pie!) Share a pie at a family, friend or work social to impress and enjoy the summer taste of the timeless Lemon Icebox Pie.

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