Leiper’s Fork Band Named Christmas Parade Grand Marshalls

Raven Cliff at Leiper's Fork Christmas parade
credit-Raven Cliff

From a certified Master Captain to an electrical engineer who once worked at NASA, the band members of Raven Cliff had other pursuits in mind.

Raven Cliff which consists of -Justin Spears, Zach Boblitt, Justin “Mac” McFarland and Cameron Vaught took time out to talk with us about how the band got started, their latest music video and how they came to be the Grand Marshall for the Leiper’s Fork Christmas parade.

In reading your bio, you are quite a diverse group – from a chef and electrical engineer at NASA, how did you guys meet and become Raven Cliff?
We met through our long-time friend and producer Gary Cirimelli. His ear was key in shaping the sound that planted such a unique seed. The band formed in 2013 and continues to grow stronger in creativity, and comradery.

Raven Cliff has been together for a while, how has your music evolved over the years?
We continue to grow more open with each other in trying new things and letting more musical ideas run wild. It means we’re more willing to promote creativity and take some chances; so it’s really fun to see who is going to come up with what and where it’s going to go.

Your latest music video for “Voodoo Whiskey” was filmed in Leiper’s Fork, tell us more about that. 
We met the gentlemen from Luminary Creative, the video production company, at one of our Puckett’s shows here in the Fork. They loved the show and we immediately took a mutual interest in shooting a music video together. We both shared a love for Leiper’s Fork and so with the help of the folks at the Leiper’s Fork Distillery, Pot N Kettle Cottages, and the rest of the community, the vision for “Voodoo Whiskey” became a reality. It was a blast.

The Leiper’s Fork Christmas parade is coming up and Raven Cliff was selected as the Grand Marshall, what was it like to get the invite to take part in the parade?
We call Leiper’s Fork home. It was the first place that we aspired to play when we started and it’s still a joy. We are excited to be part of the community and take pride in its development, so being asked to represent Leiper’s Fork in this magical parade is an honor!

What is your favorite thing about the Leiper’s Fork parade? 
Our favorite thing about the Christmas parade is the love that is shared amongst the people. It’s definitely a special town and the parade reflects that! The horses and carriages aren’t bad either! Lol

What is one of Raven Cliff’s Christmas traditions?
One of Raven Cliff’s traditions is to gather up all our favorite Christmas songs and shoot a funny video of us singing ‘em in the van! Be on the look-out again this Christmas!

Thanks for taking time out to talk with us. The Leiper’s Fork Christmas parade takes place on Saturday, December 9 at 2 p. Watch the “Voodoo Whiskey” video below from their album Different Kind of Rose. Follow Raven Cliff on Facebook for the latest updates.