Le Creuset Introduces Star Wars Collection

This is for all the Star Wars fans out there – Le Creuset recently released a new Star Wars-inspired product line with some of your favorite pieces that bring the character and fandom into your home as both conversation pieces and quality cookware. With Christmas around the corner, they also make great gifts for those Star Wars loving family members. The line includes:

Darth Vader Round Dutch Oven

Le Creuset Star Wars CollectionEmbossed with the iconic villain’s menacing mask, this special-edition Darth Vader Round Dutch Oven is perfect for those who prefer to roast and braise on the “dark side.”

Mini Cocotte of R2-D2, c3po, and BB-8

Le Creuset Star Wars CollectionLike the beloved droids who inspired them, the R2-D2, c3po, and BB-8 Stoneware Mini Cocottes are quite the dutiful kitchen sidekicks—offering charming, compact design with big personality. Get all three to ensure friendly Artoo isn’t lonely.

Porg Pie Bird

Le Creuset Star Wars CollectionWith curious eyes and a gaping mouth, Porg Pie Bird’s distinctive expression isn’t just charming, it’s perfect for venting steam. So, Le Creuset gave the classic pie bird a Star Wars makeover, allowing you to bake stellar treats for all the Star Wars fans in your life. With a hollow design that helps release excess moisture, the limited-edition Porg Pie Bird keeps bottom crusts from becoming soggy and elevates top crusts—all while keeping your pie’s filling from bubbling over into the oven.

Millennium Falcon and Death Star Trivets

Le Creuset Star Wars Collection“That’s no moon…” It’s the Empire’s most powerful weapon—captured in durable, heat-resistant silicone as an imposing piece of the Star Wars x Le Creuset collection. Or choose the Millennium Falcon, which made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, and now, is commemorated in shaped, heat-resistant silicone.

These trivets protect hands and tables against the hottest of dishes and feature intricate details on both the front and back, making a bold statement and delivering superior, kitchen-commanding benefits.

Han Solo in Carbonite Signature Roaster

Le Creuset Star Wars CollectionYour meals certainly won’t go cold with this new introduction. Inspired by a true one-of-a-kind character, Le Creuset’s Han Solo Carbonite Signature Roaster is one-of-a-kind too as the first roaster to ever feature a lid. The limited-edition design incorporates a flat lid with a detailed casting of Jabba the Hutt’s favorite decoration: the beloved smuggler suspended in carbonite. The even heat distribution of the Star Wars roaster makes it ideal for a range of oven-roasted dishes and casseroles. Crafted in enameled cast iron, and finished in a striking, stone grey, this roaster features signature loop handles for easier lifting while wearing oven mitts.

Master your culinary destiny with the Star Wars x Le Creuset Collection, available now online and in all U.S. Le Creuset stores. Locally, Le Creuset is located at 330 Franklin Rd #266B, Brentwood (in the Brentwood Place Shopping Center). May the Force be with you!