When LBMC leaders were trying to decide where they wanted to move the company’s headquarters, more space was not the only concern.

Of course, the company needed a bigger office, but people like CEO Jeffery Drummonds wanted to make sure that a new LBMC building did more than just provide additional room for more workers to fit into. He wanted LBMC’s headquarters to make employees’ lives better.

Location was key. LBMC wanted to stay in Brentwood, but all the traffic in Maryland Farms, where their old office was, clogged employees’ daily commutes. The Hill Center Brentwood space has helped that problem immensely.

“Being on this corner has been a wonderful thing for our employees from a work life balance perspective,” Drummonds said.

Not only is the new building closer to Interstate 65, it is next door to several restaurants that employees can easily visit without having to get in a car.

“People really wanted to be able to get out and walk during the day,” Drummonds said, and the Hill Center allows them to do just that.

Lisa Flynn Namm, the marketing manager at LBMC, sees the same advantages to the new space.

“Employees love the fact that they can walk to places to eat,” she said. She also described the change in the traffic situation as “significant” since moving to the Hill Center in October of last year.

The perks to employees, however, don’t just have to do with location. On the inside, the LBMC offices, which take up 80,000 square feet and two-and-a-half of the building’s four stories, were designed with employees in mind.

Sleek, modern and full of natural light from large windows that overlook Brentwood, the new LBMC headquarters looks in places as much like a luxury hotel as an office building.

Company leaders say they carefully considered the work life balance of the LBMC’s more than 375 Brentwood employees when making choices about the offices’ design.

The LBMC headquarters features amenities like standing desks for employees, private Mother’s Rooms to meet the needs of new moms, phone booth rooms where employees can engage in private conversations without being overheard and a lavish break room with HDTVs on the walls. Instead of conference rooms, the building has 38 “collaboration rooms,” which feature original art and high-tech equipment that lets employees easily communicate with clients across the country.

Another notable feature of the space has to do with the offices.

“Our offices are all the same size,” Namm said. “So our CEO has the same size office as I do.”

For Namm, this fact “talks about the nature and culture of working here.”

The culture of LBMC is one of the reasons that the company was recently featured in Symplicity’s list of the Top 25 Places to Work for Recent Grads, alongside corporations like Honda and Salesforce.com.

That was no surprise for Namm. “A big part of what we do is retention,” she said.

Everybody seems to be settling in at the new LBMC headquarters. The company had an open house late Tuesday afternoon so that clients and friends could look around.

People milled about, shook hands, greeted each other warmly.

CEO Drummonds was there and said he is pleased with the company’s relocation. Actually, more than pleased.

“Frankly, I think it’s turned out better than we thought it would,” he said.

The LBMC Family of Companies is a professional services firm made up of eight different branches: Audit, Tax & Advisory, Staffing Solutions, Technology Solutions, Employment Partner, Investment Advisors, Information Security, Physician Business Solutions and Business Process Solutions. It’s motto is “Make a Good Business Better.”

Additional information about LBMC can be found on the company’s website.