Local Law Enforcement Response to Clown Phenomenon


List of Sightings

Local Police Response

Law enforcement’s take:

All in all, law enforcement in Williamson County seem to have a taken a rather tepid response to the widespread reports, which might tell you the level of seriousness of danger that they feel exists from the phenomenon.

Tommy Walsh, Assistant Chief of Police for Brentwood:

“I have seen these reports over the past couple of weeks. We have not had any reports here in Brentwood of clowns in the woods. We would always take a complaint of this nature seriously, but fortunately there is no evidence that anything like this is happening or has happened in Brentwood. We monitor events going on nationwide and are always aware of incidents that may be of concern here.

“I could not comment on anything reported in other agencies as I don’t have any information on those other than what I have read in the media. I’m not aware though that any of these claims have been substantiated at this time.”

Lt. Charles Warner, Franklin Police Department:

“We are not aware of any information regarding similar incidents or concerns in the area.”

He has no advisements regarding dressing up or not dressing up as a clown for Halloween.

Lt. Justin Whitwell, Spring Hill Police Department: 

“We haven’t had any reports of this type of activity, but I can’t say that it could not happen.  We have not discussed the topic as of yet, but if the concern arises and there are reports of this activity locally we will do our best to seek a solution.”