Latest on Flooding Emergency: Local River Levels

Pinkerton Park /photo by Steve Ludwig

It’s been an eventful 24 hours of severe weather. The middle Tennessee area saw severe thunderstorms, torrential rain, hail, tornado watches and lots of flooding. Flash flooding became the main concern, as a Flash Flood Emergency was issued for portions of Williamson, Davidson and Wilson counties. Saturday evening, there were multiple reports of water rescues, flooded homes, cars, and, of course, many impassable roads.

River Levels

*last updated at 12:45pm Monday, March 29. We checked river levels as frequently as possible throughout the flooding event and have included some previous readings as well.

The Harpeth River at Franklin

Monday, March 29
11:15am: 23.29 ft
7:15am: 26.5 ft.

Sunday, March 28
8:15pm: 30.68 ft
5:15pm: 30.95 ft
2:15pm: 30.85 ft
10:15am: 29.91 ft
9:15am: 29.52 ft
8:15am: 29.12 ft
7:15am: 28.61 ft
1:15am: 23.16

Flood Stage: 30 ft
May 2010 Flood Crest:
35.32 ft

harpeth river at frankiln march 29 1115amThe Harpeth River Below Franklin

Monday, March 29
12:00pm: 25.08 ft
7:00am: 27.39 ft

Sunday, March 28
8pm: 29.62 ft
5pm: 29.56 ft
2pm: 29.2 ft
10am: 28.35 ft
9am: 28.11 ft
8am: 27.81 ft
7am: 27.55 ft
1am: 23.39 ft

Flood Stage: 27 ft
May 2010 Flood Crest
: 32.31 ft

harpeth river below franklin march 29 12pmThe Harpeth River at Bellevue

Monday, March 29
11:30am: 19.96 ft
7:30am: 20.94

Sunday, March 28
8:30pm: 23.16 ft
5:30pm: 23.29 ft
1:30pm: 23.13 ft
10:30am: 22.69 ft
9:30am: 22.58 ft
8:30am: 22.51 ft
6:30am: 22.43 ft
12:30am: 17.16 ft

Flood Stage: 20 ft
May 2010 Flood Crest:
33.23 ft

harpeth river at bellevue march 29 1139amMill Creek Near Nolensville

Monday, March 29
12:15pm: 5.72 ft
7:45am: 5.89 ft

Sunday, March 28
8:00pm: 6.74 ft
5:45pm: 7.02ft
2:15pm: 7.63 ft
11:00am: 8.75 ft
10:00am: 9.59 ft
8:45am: 12.28 ft
7:15am: 14.76 ft
1:30am: 14.32 ft

mill creek near nolensville march 29 1215pm

Flood Stage: 13 ft
May 2010 Flood Crest:


mill creek near nolensville march 29 814am


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