Last Minute Victory in Page vs Siegel

This game was originally scheduled for Thursday August 27th. They managed to get halfway through the first quarter before the weather caused them to postpone the game to today.

They game was scoreless before the delay. They picked the game back up halfway through the first quarter with the score 0-0.

Page struck first as they intercepted a pass and took it back all the way for a touchdown.

Siegel would respond with a long touchdown run of their own to tie the game in the second quarter. Right before halftime Page would knock home a field goal to take a 10-7 lead into halftime.

Out of halftime, Page would increase their lead 16-7. That would be the only points scored in the third quarter.

In the fourth quarter Siegel would make things interesting as they scored a touchdown to make it 16-14 ball game. Later in the fourth quarter, Siegel would score again on a field goal to take the lead 17-16.

Page would not go quietly though as they would score a touchdown late in the fourth quarter. That would be the final points of the game and Page would hold on for the win.

The Page Patriots fought off a fourth quarter comeback by the Stars and managed to come out on top to earn their first victory of the year.

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High School Football Scores Week 02