Ladies Basketball Recap: Page vs Spring Hill

By Amber Pennycuff

It was a slow start to the first quarter on Friday night as the Lady Patriots geared up against Spring Hill at Page High School.

Lady Raiders, Gracyn Martin, swooshed in and nailed a three to put the first points on the board. Spring Hill kept a tight 9-3 lead, heading into the second, with Kelsey Sanders putting up six of those points.

Page’s 3-points did not gain speed until after Martin nailed a three to make it 3-12.

The Lady Pats, Elizabeth Hood, put up three and brought in a 6-point deficit for Page. Spring Hill was soon to follow as Jasmin Jetton drove into the basket laying it all out.

Carmen Mariea was a firey addition on the court for Page. Mariea was an extremely influential player and hustled at every chance she got. She and Morgan Rakes closed out the 12-points for the Lady Pats before halftime. Rakes sealed a shot just before the buzzer to give a glimpse of hope going into the locker room.

Now heading back into the second half, with Spring Hill up 27-12, Page was on a roll.
Hood and Megan Jelonek each quickly put up three-point shots and they bounced back, 18-27.

The Lady Raiders were gaining speed with Jetton and Sanders on the court, and it was 20-38.

In the fourth, the Lady Pats refused to give up. Five shots later, Page had now put up 10-points and was holding Spring Hill 30-38.
Tiara Lowery added shots on the clock for the Lady Raiders, closing in on a matter of seconds, and Spring Hill took the win home 41-31.

Be sure to look out for highlight footage of the boys Page vs. Spring Hill game on Williamson Source.

Lets take a look at the rest of your scores this weekend in Williamson County.

Friday, January 24
BGA vs. Davidson Academy
Boys: W 71-32
Girls: W 62-48

Brentwood vs. Dickson Co.
Boys (22-1): W 70-44
Girls (19-2): L 42-46

Brentwood Academy vs. Father Ryan
Boys (8-11): W 49-45
Girls (16-4): W 39-31

Centennial vs. Franklin
Boys (7-11): L 42-56
Girls (7-11): L 26-54

Spring Hill vs Page Boys Basketball
Spring Hill vs Page Boys Basketball

CPA vs. Cascade
Boys (22-1): W 94-43
Girls (10-9): W 47-41

Fairview vs. Montgomery Central
Boys (4-15): L 56-67
Girls (0-17): L 35-55

Father Ryan vs. Brentwood Academy
Boys (6-12): L 45-49
Girls (14-6): L 31-39

Franklin vs. Centennial
Boys: W 56-42
Girls: W 54-26

FRA vs. Zion Christian
Boys (17-5): W 82-44
Girls (16-6): W 66-17

Independence vs. Summit
Boys (9-11): W 57-51
Girls (5-14): W 59-46

Page vs. Spring Hill
Boys (8-12): L 43-52
Girls (3-13): L 31-41

Ravenwood vs. Nashville Christian
Boys: W 79-77
Girls: W 48-38

Spring Hill vs. Page
Boys: W 52-43
Girls: W 41-31

Summit vs. Independence
Boys (8-11): L 51-57
Girls (9-12): L 46-59

Saturday, January 25
BGA vs. Webb School
Boys (22-1): W 63-30
Girls (10-12): L 35-41

Franklin vs. McGavok
Boys (9-12): L 53-56
Girls (12-8): W 55-41

Ravenwood vs. Sycamore
Boys (14-9): L 74-76
Girls (7-11): L 34-51

Spring Hill vs. Oakland
Boys (6-11): L 42-48
Girls (7-10): L 21-59

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