kubota bx80 series

If you are in the market for a new tractor, consider one of the tractors in the new Kubota BX80 Series. The all-new BX80-Series includes four sub-compact 4WD tractor models: BX1880, BX2380, BX2680 and BX23S.

What You Can Do With a Kubota BX80-Series Tractor:

These tractors tackle your toughest gardening, landscaping and property maintenance jobs.

Whether it’s mowing, landscaping or blowing snow, the do-it-all BX-Series makes outdoor chores enjoyable year-round – it’s the perfect choice for first-time tractor buyers, and is sure to be the sharpest looking tool in your garage, writes Robert Cockroft, Kubota sub-compact and compact tractor product manager, in a company press release.


  • Smaller than a full-size tractor
  • Easy to operate
  • Fuel efficient 3-cylinder diesel engine
  • The BX1880, BX2380 and the BX2680 are equipped with a rollover protection system, which fits through most standard 7-ft high garage door openings
  • The BX1880, BX2380 and BX2680 deliver 18-, 23-, and 25.5-horsepower, respectively.
  • Easy to attach the complete line of tools and implements. The LA344 Swift-Tach loader, offered for the BX1880, BX2380 and BX2680, and the LA340 Swift-Tach loader for the BX23S, can be removed or attached without the operator leaving the operator’s station.
  • Easy-to-read modern dash displays all information needed for operation, and a cubby hole with a 12-volt outlet provides a cell phone charging port.
  • Full-forward opening hood offers easy cleaning and service access to the diesel engine, which requires less maintenance than gasoline engines.

Where You Can Find It:

You can find the BX80 Series at Franklin & Columbia Kubota.

Franklin Kubota is located at 1561 Columbia Ave, Franklin, TN 37064 and Columbia Kubota is located at 1120 Riverside Dr, Columbia, TN 38401.


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