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Breakups or a divorce is a painful experience. You find yourself living alone. You’re lonely, afraid and heartbroken. Your abandonment issues resurface and your heart aches to see him. You tell yourself, things were really great between the two of you, when in reality he was deceitful, immoral monster. Or maybe you hate his guts for the dastardly way he treated you. Love him or hate him, when you cling to hurtful memories you impede your emotional recovery. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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Nancy Nichols is a best-selling self-help author, motivational speaker and dating coach. She is the notorious “Know-It-All Nancy” blogger, magazine and newspaper influencer and TV and radio talk show personality. Nancy’s specialty is helping single, divorced and widowed women understand the modern rules of dating. Her passion is contagious. Her uncensored candor is refreshing. Her unique introspect educates, inspires and empowers women who struggle with dating and relationship problems.

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  1. Clinging to the painful memories of a hurtful relationship short-circuits our healing process. I know, I was consumed with anger and bitterness for the way Dr. Dirtbag treated me.

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