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Play it Again Sports Bat Fitting Event

On Thursday, December 12 from 4:00 – 8:00 pm, Play It Again Sports ~ Brentwood, will be sponsoring an exciting experience for youth hitters: The Bat Hit+Fit Challenge. This is a 20-minute, personal one-on-one custom bat fitting experience for 7U to 14U players.

Combining the first-of-its-kind youth TRUE bat fitting algorithm software along with Rapsodo’s Hitting Technology, TRUE Diamond Science has cracked the code on selecting the EXACT bat for your youth athlete’s swing and body type. TRUE utilizes the latest in launch monitor and bat sensor technologies to profile individual athletes and ensure they have the best bat fit for their individual ability level and hitting style. Created to find a better way to buy a bat, the TRUE FIT process allows the player to swing the bat, and, with their parent, see the results and the data from those swings. The TRUE system gives the player the opportunity to have the most precise fit ever at the youth level.

The Bat Hit+Fit Challenge, sponsored by Play It Again Sports ~ Brentwood, will be held at Showtime Sports Academy, located at 119 Seaboard Lane, Suite 402, Franklin, TN 37067.

At the Bat Hit+Fit Challenge, the TRUE Diamond Science pros will:

  • Build your athlete’s profile by gathering information about their hitting goals and what areas could use improvement.
  • Measure and weigh your current gamer to see if the specs are consistent with the specification labeling.
  • Analyze the player’s core strength to determine the ideal bat weight to length ratio.
  • Determine the exact wingspan, height & weight measurement for a tailored fit.
  • Analyze the player’s hand strength to determine specific weight metrics for the fit.
  • Analyze the position of the player at the batter’s box to assess distance-to-contact and overall stance height.
  • A certified fitting technician will share and analyze the hitting metric data with you and your athlete to authenticate which of the tested bats created the biggest performance improvement.

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